What is an eco-friendly hotel-house in Quito like?

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Nowadays, environmental awareness has led to a growing demand for lodging options that not only offer comfort and luxury but also respect and promote sustainable practices. Eco-friendly hotels have emerged in response to this need, integrating a firm commitment to environmental protection and cultural preservation into their offerings.

When searching for an eco-friendly hotel, it is crucial to consider several factors that reflect its true commitment to sustainability. The restoration and conservation of historic buildings, the promotion of local cuisine through menus that use regional ingredients, and the offering of cultural experiences are some of the key aspects.

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Restoration of historic buildings

One of the fundamental pillars of eco-friendly hotels is the restoration and conservation of historic buildings. This approach not only preserves the architectural and cultural heritage of a region but also reduces the environmental impact associated with constructing new structures. Restoring an old building allows for the preservation of the place’s character and history while incorporating modern technologies and practices that improve energy efficiency and sustainability. The blend of old and new offers guests a unique experience that connects the past with the present.

Hotel Ecuatreasures, located in the Old Town Quito, exemplifies the perfect balance between conservation and modernity. This boutique hotel is situated in a restored colonial house that reflects the rich Andean Ecuadorian identity. The restoration of Hotel Ecuatreasures has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail, preserving the original architectural elements that define the colonial style, such as its elegant wrought-iron balconies, stone arches, and interior courtyards.

Why is restoration an eco-friendly practice?

Restoring an existing building avoids the need to demolish it and construct a new one from scratch, significantly reducing the amount of construction materials wasted. Demolishing buildings typically generates large volumes of debris, which often end up in landfills.

Historic buildings represent the history and cultural identity of a region. Restoring them helps preserve this heritage, which not only has cultural value but can also foster tourism and education about local history. Maintaining architectural and cultural integrity contributes to a sense of community and belonging.

Restoring historic buildings can include modernizing energy systems and incorporating sustainable technologies, such as improved insulation, double-glazed windows, and renewable energy systems. These changes can make buildings more energy-efficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

Local cuisine: Beyond the hotel in Quito with included breakfast

The offering of local and sustainable foods has become an essential aspect that reflects a hotel’s commitment to sustainability and the promotion of local culture. A good breakfast can be a powerful way to convey this commitment by offering dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Furthermore, a well-designed breakfast can be a focal point for promoting local culinary culture, creating a deeper connection between the guest and the community they are visiting.

At Hotel Ecuatreasures, the culinary offerings testify to the hotel’s commitment to promoting Andean cuisine and sustainability. Every morning, guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast that showcases the best of local products and Ecuadorian culinary traditions.

Guests can delight in a variety of traditional dishes, such as cheese empanadas, humitas (a type of tamale made from corn), yuca bread, and high-altitude coffee. These dishes tell the story of Andean culture through their ingredients and culinary techniques.

What else do we offer? We organize food tours that take guests on a journey to explore the flavors of Quito and its surroundings. With us, guests have the opportunity to visit local markets, traditional food shops, and restaurants offering typical regional dishes.

Our chefs can also teach guests how to prepare traditional Andean dishes, sharing culinary techniques and secrets passed down from generation to generation.

Themed rooms in Quito

By incorporating elements of nature and local heritage into their design, hotels in Quito, Ecuador, can offer a more immersive and memorable experience that deeply resonates with the values of environmentally conscious travelers.

Themed rooms are an effective way to tell stories through interior design, using colors, materials, and decorations that evoke specific aspects of the natural and cultural environment. This practice not only enhances the hotel’s aesthetics but also strengthens its identity and connection to its location, providing guests with a stay that goes beyond the conventional.

However, it is not always easy to find themed rooms in Quito that are truly comfortable and not just aesthetically pleasing.

Boutique rooms at our hotel in Quito

Hotel Ecuatreasures takes the concept of themed rooms to a new level with its offering of four unique rooms, each inspired by a natural element: Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire. These rooms reflect the Ecuadorian Andean identity and a deep connection with nature.

For example, the Standard Double Room – Earth is designed to evoke the warmth and stability of the earth. Earthy tones and natural materials like wood and stone create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Amenities include a private bathroom with a spacious rain shower and hot water, Wi-Fi, a 32″ flat-screen TV with international channels, a desk and a chair in an antique decorative style, nightstands, a wardrobe, and high-quality bedding.

The Superior Double Room – Water is designed to evoke the serenity and fluidity of water. Blue and green tones create a calm and relaxing environment. Amenities include a private bathroom with a spacious rain shower and hot water, Wi-Fi, a 32″ flat-screen TV with international channels, a desk and a chair in an antique decorative style, nightstands, a wardrobe, and high-quality bedding. Rooms with balconies and those facing the street also feature a sofa bed.

Thus, each room has specific features and amenities. But all are equipped with:

  • Complimentary Andean breakfast
  • Wi-Fi
  • Private bathroom with spacious rain shower and hot water
  • Assured privacy

Have you chosen your boutique hotel in Quito?

Choosing an eco-friendly hotel involves considering a range of practices that go beyond simply restoring a building. Environmentally conscious travelers should look for hotels that implement efficient resource management, significant waste reduction, and active support for the local community. These practices help minimize environmental impact and promote economic and social development in the surrounding areas.

Boutique hotels have gained popularity in recent years due to their focus on offering personalized and unique experiences. Unlike large hotel chains, a cozy boutique hotel in Quito is characterized by its smaller size, attention to detail, and an atmosphere that reflects the culture and identity of the place where they are located.

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